What is the Higher Education structure of Gujarat?

The state of Gujarat is widely known for its colleges, universities and top-class industries. To take this a step further, the Gujarat Government is encouraging free and compulsory education by launching the District Primary Education Program. Gujarat has several colleges and universities that hold national importance among the nation such as the National Institute of Design, Indian Institute of Management, and National Institute of Technology. The Gujarat Government is taking every necessary measure to enhance the quality of Higher Education structure of the state.

Besides having one of the best institutes in the country, Gujarat also has the best research centres like Central Salt and Marine Chemicals Research Institute. 

Higher Education structure of Gujarat

Gujarat is highly acknowledged for its inclinations towards entrepreneurial activities. But where it lacks is its ability not to produce enough professionally trained human resources. Well, this will see a wave of change as Gujarat Government has taken up the mission of making Gujarat – an Education Hub of India.

The Department of Higher Education in Gujarat manages the education level of Under Graduate and Post Graduate. The Universities and colleges provide higher education in various courses in the field of Science, Commerce, Arts, Humanities, Fine Arts, Medicine, Economics, Law, Computers, etc.

For improvising the Higher education in Gujarat, the Government is making efforts to attract students not only from other states but also from other countries. Presently, Gujarat has a total of 20 universities out of which 10 of them are private universities

Besides, Gujarat has 900 institutions for imparting higher education and research work. These institutions have a total of 551,398 students. While talking about seats in the various institutes, Gujarat has a total of 34,323 engineering seats and other diploma engineering seats that amount to 47,753. Furthermore, The seats of post-graduation that is Master’s level amount to 10492 seats with regards to different disciplines.

Gujarat has made its mark in industrial development. Besides, it is also considered to be one of the fastest developing states, but when it comes to providing educated graduates, that is where it lacked a bit. But with changing times, The improvement in the primary and secondary education sector has been quite notable, whereas the higher education structure is also improving day by day.

Some Insights on Higher Education in Gujarat

Our Central and State Government has been trying their best to improve the education system of the entire country. While Gujarat has been one of the most actively participating states in the same. Gujarat Government is focused on providing education to each and every citizen of the state.

Currently, the education systems in Gujarat works on the National Policy on Education, 1976. The subject of education is important for both the centre and state.

Presently, Gujarat holds the 9th position on the Education Development Index (EDI). This list is planned and prepared by the National University of Educational Administration (NUEPA). This index is used to measure the state’s performance on the Universalization of Elementary Education program.

There has been a great effort as earlier Gujarat was in the 14th position, but it was the state’s compelling efforts that changed the status of education in Gujarat.

For Gujarat to become an education hub in the country, it will first have to compete with the states within the country. Talking about Andhra Pradesh, its engineering seats total up to 145000. If Gujarat wishes to achieve this number of seats, it will have to add up almost  122,000 seats. With this, the Gujarat Government needs to have almost 160 colleges with 750 seats by the year 2021.

Higher Education Projects in Gujarat

The Gujarat Government has been taking some robust steps to improve the higher education structure in the state. For the same, the education department has decided to have 12 colleges and nine polytechnics colleges based on a Public-Private Partnership. Furthermore, they are also working on the process of procuring the land for creating knowledge parks.

Presently, talking about the Blueprint for Investment in Gujarat for 2020, the Gujarat Government has proposed to build two Knowledge Corridors. It is assumed that these knowledge corridors will be situated on an area of 1500 acres each.

Several other things proposed are as follows:

  • Construction of Universities relating to Aviation, Retail Management, and Maritime.
  • Creating Various Centres of Excellence for various disciplines such as Nanotechnology, Space Research, Biotechnology, Nutraceuticals, etc.

Wrapping Up

Gujarat Government is trying its best to improve the education system and establish itself as the education hub. With this, there has been sanction of various schemes and proposals that will change the stature of education in Gujarat. 

The Higher Education structure of Gujarat is quite similar to other states in the country, but the difference lies in the number and type of universities situated here. Gujarat can cater to students within and outside of the country and fulfill their education needs. Before going to another state or country for education, it is essential to know the structure of education there.

We hope this blog will help know the Higher Education Structure of Gujarat. If you have any feedback or suggestions, feel free to share it in the comment section.

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