Characteristics and nature of Gujarati students

Gujarati’s are widely known for their welcoming nature. They are one of the kindest people anyone will ever meet. You must have a Gujarati friend, no matter where you are. And if you’re here to study in Gujarat then without a Gujarati friend your stay will be incomplete. Every year, the state of Gujarat serves a lot of students coming from various parts of the country and world too under the Study in Gujarat campaign.

Post one has taken admission, every student is worried about having friends and how the friends would turn out to be. If you are coming to study in Gujarat, you can relax as students here are quite welcoming and are not harsh on other students.

Well, there’s more to it, Here we bring you some Characteristics and nature of Gujarati people to ease you a little bit and get you ready to gel in with them.

Characteristics and nature of Gujarati people

Adaptability Skills

Gujarati people mix up well with other students be it of any caste, religion or nationality. Besides accepting people and their cultures, they don’t even mind experiencing one’s cultures and traditions. This is one of their intrinsic qualities. Due to this, it is easier for other students to adjust with Gujarati students.

Pleasant Nature

Gujaratis follow the footsteps of Mahatma Gandhi and believe in non-violence. They are utterly generous and will never hesitate to give anything someone asks for. Furthermore, Gujarati people never forget the gesture done by someone else for them. They are straightforward and never bitch behind your back. 

Fun Loving 

Gujaratis are considered to be one of the adventurous and fun loving people. They love trying different things like exploring new places, trying adventurous sport, or just walking around. Any student coming to Gujarat for studying can be ensured about having some fun with studies. Being friends with Gujarat students can be quite exciting and fun.

Ability to Take Jokes 

If you’re someone who loves to crack jokes, don’t you worry Gujaratis are quite good at handling jokes on them. They are jolly people and love to joke. Gujaratis are not someone who may get offended by jokes. They know the difference between things said in a lighter mood and the ones said in a serious mood.


Gujaratis are utterly welcoming for both their friends and enemies. If their enemy is in dire need of something, instead of closing the doors they will offer them help with all the love. They always go with the saying, Guest is God. That is why students coming from different states or countries will not find any difficulty and will always have someone to look upon them.


Gujaratis are one of the happiest. They don’t think much about worldly things. These people are quite content with what they have. With this we don’t mean they don’t wish to excel, it’s just that they keep their health and well-being before all other stuff. Gujarati students will help other students to relax and live the life Gujarati way i.e. Eat, Sleep, Study, Pray, and Repeat.

Modern yet Rooted

With the changing times, even Gujarat students are becoming modern but what they still preserve are their roots. They are quite humble and know where they come from. Everywhere there is some update in the world relating to education, fashion, business, etc. One can think of them as the perfect infusion of traditional and modern.

Forbearing Nature

Gujaratis don’t believe in having grudges against anyone. They are blessed with a forgiving nature. Furthermore, they are highly emotional and work out things with logic and patience. Gujarati students like to cherish good relationships and people. So, if you are friends with a Gujarati, nothing to worry about as they’ll always stick to you.

Amazing Friendship

Having a Gujarati friend can be one of the most amazing things ever. As we’ve mentioned earlier they believe in nurturing relationships rather than ending them midway through. One can count on them no matter how tough and unfavourable the situation is. While studying in Gujarat, these friends could turn in to your family.

Business Minded

Saving great on shopping is one of the major traits of Gujaratis. They love buying stuff but not paying a lot for it. They are always inclined to business activities as it runs in their blood and families.  No matter how much they like something, they will never pay more than it deserves to be paid. Well, having a Gujarati friend can help you save a lot on your shopping spree. So, next time you go shopping, you know whom to take along with you.

Wrapping Up

Gujarati students can be the friends you’re looking for in a new state i.e. Gujarat. They are super supportive and will always have your back. This factor helps other students in settling and knowing about the college, studies and much more.  

We hope this blog will be helpful in knowing the Characteristics and Nature of Gujarati students. If you have any feedback or suggestions, feel free to share it in the comment section.

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